I have too much black clothes i cant recognize anything in my wardrobe anymore

#Botanicalgarden is the nicest part of #zagreb so as we were passing by i wanted to stop and take some pictures #croatia #botanickivrt #garden #botanical

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wow u must really live in a city of bugs then

Sadly yes and they are one of my biggest fears

I went to supermarket this morning and wanted to buy rice crackers and the lady in the store told me to wait and she’s gonna take them from storage bc there was no left in store and there was huge dead bug on the pack and i didnt see until i got to cashier and started screaming and then she started screaming and then people from queue started screaming oh my god


Robert Smith, Ireland, 1987
Robert was staying out in Ireland and I went out there to show him the artwork for The Cure In Orange film. He said, “Bring a camera”, so I took a polaroid camera because he likes to approve stuff there and then. I took him round the grounds of this old ruined castle in the freezing cold and we took loads of pictures. He was incredibly relaxed – they’re not posed, we didn’t work that way.

From Obscure : The Cure by Andy Vella


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DIY covers for ugly books, thanks @coxno for help #DIY #books #cute

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TOY at Rock Café in Hamburg, 07/03/14

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